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Here at Socialveo, we understand just how important it is for social entrepreneurs to get access to quick and dependable product and services. And our team makes it all happen for you, day after day!

Our knowledgeable, responsive, in-house team is ready to answer any queries or critique you may have. Also, we look forward to your feedback and suggestions that can help us improve Socialveo services, and make them better than ever before.

Here are all our technical experts who’d love to hear from you!

Damir Grgic
Damir Grgic Founder & CEO

Damir is a passionate entrepreneur who loves solving today’s social networking problems and has done so for as long as he can remember. Being a workaholic, he has honed his skills, becoming a highly respected freelancer with more than 1,000 unique customers using his services.

Nicholas Izmailov Senior Full Stack Developer

Always challenging himself to maintain the right balance of quality and speed, Nicholas uses innovative strategies to reduce high loads and optimize work efficiency. When not studying a new language, you'll find him writing sites from scratch, completely free of CMS. A truly versatile network engineer, he can manage Debian and Ubuntu servers while establishing complete site work for websites or Android mobile applications.

Social Networking Your Way

Social networking is well beyond the can and string method we used as kids nearly 30 years ago. It ties us together in an intricate web of communication that expands globally but is right at our fingertips. With that accessibility, comes choice. How we want to reach others; what we want to say – there are a million factors that give us the ability to craft our own method of communication.

That’s why Socialveo is giving you the opportunity create your own social network, and by extension your own way of developing relationships. That’s right; you can build your own platform for people to come together to share ideas, knowledge, and connect with others, all around the world. And it’s much easier than you may think.

Socialveo: The Future of Platform Building

Using Socialveo, you receive everything you need to create an awesome social networking community from the ground up. Because we understand the complexities of technology, we provide our clients simple, effective, and understandable solutions. You don’t even need a bunch of fancy, technical knowledge to get started. Our professional experience and knowledge of networking platforms has allowed us to create a software that anyone can use.

Ease of use is important to us, because we count all our clients as part of our social family. That’s why quality of service is our cornerstone, and why we look forward to the many challenges and opportunities that will enhance our services. We offer a platform whereby you can create a fantastic online network to connect with family, friends, colleagues—even the wider public. Moreover, we offer something our competitors don’t, which is mobile and website applications, combined. When you choose Socialveo, you get more value you for your money.

Networking Success, Together

Your platform building is as important to your success, as our reputation is to ours. That’s why our mission is to offer the finest services, regardless of the size, tenure or inclinations of our competitors. We want to be known for the quality of our products and also for our excellent customer relations. We provide simple, straightforward, and customizable software, and no matter what your individual community may be, it will have the potential to grow online. And with your continued support and feedback we will continue to improve our services and provide more value for all our clients.

Let’s build a social platform, together. Who knows, you may beat Facebook at their own game.

Services designed for the entire project lifecycle

With Socialveo, you aren’t just getting a proven platform – you’re getting our experience too. We’ve helped clients launch successful communities across diverse industries.

Community in the Cloud

Hassle-free community hosting in our cloud that scales up with your project – perfect for most communities. Read more

Self-hosted Licensing

Designed for communities with the technical know-how to self-manage on their own infrastructure. Start host it yourself!. Read more

Enterprise Service

Our Enterprise Service guide you through the entire project lifecycle: from project inception, through to planning, build and deployment, and post-launch consultation, our services scale with your project. Read more

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