Socialveo Release 1.0 is here

A Social Network gives to its users a feeling of freedom, engaging and easy user experience. These feelings are the keys for everything in technology world, so we asked to ourselves: and if we give this feelings to people that want to develop their own social networks too? Socialveo was the answer. Damir Grgic   […]

10 Interesting Niche Social Networks and Communities

Small niches, even the smallest, can work perfectly for marketers and for developers who are trying to launch their businesses into the social media world. Even though many industries are already catered for, there are always ways to improve on those and still new niches to explore. So if you are a marketer trying to […]

The War between Facebook and Russia

Bad news for Facebook. Last year the Russian Government approved a new law that compels Internet Companies to have their servers in Russia if they keep data of Russian citizens. This law received a great deal of criticism because if servers and data are physically located in a country the Government of that country can […]

Ello: the alternative social network

We talked a lot in other posts about alternative social network, small networks becoming a growing business and start-ups that target specific niches. Now we will talk about the perfect example for everything we have talked about previously and it’s even better because it is like a work in progress social experiment where anything can […]

8 reasons to create your own Social Network

Perhaps you have a business idea, and maybe a social network will benefit it. Maybe you would like to help tourists and sightseers find unusual and not very well known historical sites and monuments. You might want to help people share their food or perhaps farmers to exchange their seed. Whatever you have in mind […]

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