Small niches, even the smallest, can work perfectly for marketers and for developers who are trying to launch their businesses into the social media world.

Even though many industries are already catered for, there are always ways to improve on those and still new niches to explore.

So if you are a marketer trying to target your niche in an alternative and more effective way, tired of seeing your organic reach falling on Facebook and Twitter or a startup looking for inspiration then here is a list of 10 alternative niche social networks that you should take note of.

1. Untappd

Untappd is an App that is a cool mix between Foursquare, Facebook and Yelp. It’s directly dedicated to the “world of Beer” and is cool way for bars, pubs and breweries to get more exposure and to reach new people. Developers created it in 2010 in their spare time with the funny idea of launching a “Foursquare for Beers”. Users share their experience of favourite places, post pics and posts about their drinks and their beers and get recommendations from other users. Updates can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare too. It can appear to be a simple idea but Untappd had more than 1.600.000 of users by the end of 2014.

2. CafeMom

The social network for caring Moms is one of the most popular websites for women, with more than 4 million visits every month. It has a mixture of interesting blogs and a vibrant community. It is perfect for word of mouth campaigns: moms are always easy to reach when you meet their interests and parenthood issues.

3. Dribbble

Dribbble is the Pinterest look-alike for designers. The idea seems straightforward, designers, artist and web-designers can show and explain their work and improve their personal branding but only if, they deserve it! The site has a structure where not just anyone can show their projects. Users need to show they are active on the site and have to interact with others to grow to be allowed to participate and to show their wares. When they do this they reach and increase their popularity.

4. Ufosocial

If you want to popularize and propagate a story about the paranormal or share your weirdest experiences and beliefs with other people like you, Ufosocial is your community is definitely for you. If Aliens are already on the Earth, they have probably joined a social network and may even be on this site!

5. Fubar

Fubar is original, it’s funny, chaotic and messy. It is more than just a crowded bar full of college students partying. It’s called the biggest online bar and is the perfect place for people that only want to have fun and meet real people (eventually meet in person too. It is also used as a dating site even if it isn’t designed for it). You should try it.

6. Ravelry

After a messy bar you need something to chill out? Ravelry is the perfect social networkfor Knitters, weavers and crocheters. It’s not just a great community but is also useful for knitting patterns etc. and a marketplace where members can buy and sell materials.

7. Vampire Freaks

Gothic culture? Dark and alternative people? Just in love with Edward Cullen or Suicide Girls? This is your community.

8. MeetUp

MeetUp breaks the frontiers of social networks, and brings it into real life! It’s not a dating site but a real community where people join with the only purpose is to meet others with a common interest at nearby locations.

9. Quora

Trolls and lame teens on Yahoo Answers are good just for laughs but if you want to learn something new everyday, Quora is the real social network for questions and answers.

10. Raptr

It’s the social networks for gamers. It has 22 million users worldwide and allows users to chat whilst playing and to share their game activity. It reviews info and is integrated in AMD Gaming Evolved.