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Bad news for Facebook. Last year the Russian Government approved a new law that compels Internet Companies to have their servers in Russia if they keep data of Russian citizens. This law received a great deal of criticism because if servers and data are physically located in a country the Government of that country can […]

We talked a lot in other posts about alternative social network, small networks becoming a growing business and start-ups that target specific niches. Now we will talk about the perfect example for everything we have talked about previously and it’s even better because it is like a work in progress social experiment where anything can […]

Perhaps you have a business idea, and maybe a social network will benefit it. Maybe you would like to help tourists and sightseers find unusual and not very well known historical sites and monuments. You might want to help people share their food or perhaps farmers to exchange their seed. Whatever you have in mind […]

At the end of 2013 Twitter was on top of the world with a fantastic debut on the stock market raising more money to improve the platform and reach an even bigger audience. Unfortunately, less than two years later things don’t look quite so bright, not only on the stock market but also on the […]

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