The world is going social. If you are about to launch a new business project, a start-up where technology and innovation combine, you need to keep the Social World very much in mind.

Social is not just Facebook, it is everything that makes up your life, sometimes problems “shareable” with someone else.

We surfed the web reading lots of Facebook Groups and blogs where new startupsshare their ideas and ask for advice. These are a few of the interesting projects we found:

  • A platform where young parents share and ask for advice for childrens education and health
  • A new way to help kids learn lessons, allowing them to play while in classroom with an interactive educational system and compare results not only with friends in school but with kids connected elsewhere in the world.
  • An app to help people share the food they will not eat with people that may need it.
  • A dating app where cultural interests come before appearance.

What do all these ideas have in common?

They are all social!

It is the social part that make things possible.

  • How can parents share their thoughts and ask for advice without a social platform?
  • How do kids know who’s beating their records in educational games?
  • How can people inform the community that there’s some food that is free at their place?

It is not through profiles that you understand the cultural interests of others.

And these are just quick examples. The point is that every business must allow for a “social” part. Social is not just false friendships, trolling, stalking and people that avoid real interactions.It’s about connecting to people, contributing to a sort of worldwide big brain, experiences and information that can be shared and be useful to someone else.

Sometimes a business is about finding solutions for problems so allow people with the same problem to connect with others to find the solution to their problem. Make this the social soul of every such business. This will also lead to a real “sharing economy” where every individual is totally aware of what they are giving and what they get in return by the interaction of everyone working together to create the best value for all the “network” of people involved.

Maybe this is a utopian view but a real innovative technology business has a huge part to play in creativity and turning dreams into reality.

So if and when you come up with a new business idea for a startup, ask yourself is there some social potential in this?