Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr are the fastest growing social networks in the market, specially among users in the United States (usually followed by the rest of the world), while at the same time Facebook growth is slowing, Twitter is having some problems and G+ is considered a social network epic failure  by almost everyone. During the Spring of 2015 Tumblr and Pinterest were growing by more than 90% and Instagram had a 40% user growth according to several different sources (Global Web Index, Pew Research Center and more).

What does this mean?

Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram may look very different from each other but they all have something in common: a quick visual interaction. Tumblr is not a just an “image oriented social network” but is a more complex blog-social platform with content that gets more engagement and activity with visual content. Interaction on these social networks is quicker and easier than on Facebook. See, like, share, organize, curate, search and find contents is easier thanks to hashtags and categories (on Pinterest) and it is easier to find people with the same interests or the same outlook.

People are becoming tired of “generic” social networks like Facebook. Young users can go directly on Tumblr or Instagram without using Facebook and their parents have quit Facebook for Pinterest. Visuals help people to quickly identify what they see with their contents. Easy features such as follow, share, search topics and interests make these platforms very powerful. Facebook understands this and are constantly improving its video and picture features. They have tried introducing hashtags but that, basically, had zero impact. Google created a great feature for G+, Google Photos. it is available for everyone even if you don’t have a Google Plus account. This is probably the next Google social bet.

You never know how successful these new features will be. Introducing new features and updates based on trends is absolutely vital for a social network but sometimes introducing things that don’t easily fit in, is not always a good idea as it may alienate users. Facebook hashtags are a good example of this. One thing is sure. Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram not only have an impact in the social network market but they are also shaping a new way of designing an e-commerce experience as well. Some successful e-commerce are already more Pinterest/Instagram look-alikes. Pinterest and Instagram already have “buyable” content so that people can click and buy the thing that they see.

If you have a business that uses social networks for branding, advertising and marketing purposes or if you use e-commerce you just can’t ignore what is happening. These 3 social networks (Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram) are changing the rules and attracting an internet user who is aware of what he or she wants and likes.

These are the ones that spend more money buying online.

Always remember this is the case and act on it.