Social Network gives to its users a feeling of freedom, engaging and easy user experience. These feelings are the keys for everything in technology world, so we asked to ourselves: and if we give this feelings to people that want to develop their own social networks too? Socialveo was the answer.

Damir Grgic, Founder

A team of developers worked day and night to bring to you our creature and release it already grown up and ready to face the world. We aren’t presenting to the world a little baby asking everyone if it’s cute: if we were parents we were just showing proudly our son that already got a Ph.d and is receiving a lot of offers from different top rated Companies.

Socialveo is an ambitious project that want to mark the difference in the world of social network both for developers and users. Our focus, as we already told, is make it easy to use but full of features that you will not find in other famous social network.

Standing from the crowd and express your freedom is like a motto for us and these words were leading our hands in the long hours we spent making projects and writing codes to develop what you can see.

Feel free to try our demo and test if everything we are writing here is true or not: we don’t like claiming but we also don’t like to hide the truth. Our purpose was create something special and we feel our mission is accomplished.

What Socialveo can do is hard to explain in just single post: create a social network with unlimited connections, with quick action buttons that none else has, use hashtags, mentions or custom tags, giving the highest privacy level to users, shaping the social network in the way you prefer it, building communities of friends, followers, circles or create your own system… and there’s a lot more you can see here all features.

Immagination is the only limit and is not a set phrase, cause with us not even money is a problem: you can choose between different pricings starting from very low fees to create your social world right now!

You need a social site as marketing or customer care tool for your community? You want to create a social network cause you found a good a niche? You want to create a social network for you and for your close friends and stay always connected in the easiest and safe way being sure that none will ever steal your data? You dream to build your network and challenge Facebook in the market?

Socialveo is here for your, whatever you are thinking about.

Just try it.

Now you can!