There are many myths related to Social Networks and Social Media Marketing. In this article, we itemize some of the most common ones and explain the reality behind the myth.

Social Networks will kill Search Engines

This is a myth. People usually look at their own stream on social networks. They may click on some hashtags or search for them (and not on all social networks) but when they really need to find something they still use Search Engines. There has been experimentation of “social search engines” and Google itself Is trying to give a more “social” search experience showing results from Google+, the purpose being to give a more “personal experience” of search, giving results that fit better with interests rather than a social one. For the moment Social Networks and Search Engines are two different things, both useful, but different and neither will kill the other.

If you create a page on Social Networks you will achieve more traffic and business.

Unfortunately, this is a myth as well. “Just being on” will not make the difference. You will not make people buy your stuff by saying “hey buy my stuff” on Facebook or Twitter. Most businesses may think this but this leads to failure and they may end up believing the following.

Social Networks are useless for marketing

Everything depends on how you use them. If you have a content and social strategy, you build up a community and keep people engaged, you will increase your brand awarenessand your followers and customers will become real fans, frequent buyers and even enthusiastic “evangelists” of your brand. If it doesn’t happen for you don’t blame social networks, but yourself, your strategy and your content.

Social Media Optimization will kill SEO

During 2013 and 2014 there was a  lot of buzz about SMO (Social Media Optimization) and how it will kill SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The truth is rather different. Make your pages and content easy to share on social networks and give them sex appeal to become centers of social activity (as comments, discussions, etc. etc.), but this has no effect on your ranking on Google.

Posting lots of stuff on social networks will improve my ranking on Google?

Usually links from social networks are no follow so Google can’t count them as SEO factors. When they are not no follow there is still the problem that Google is not just counting how many links you can get but is evaluating them all the time. So, linking from social networks will not have a direct effect on your ranking, and if you do it in a spam way you will just get penalized.

Likes on Facebook, Tweets and +1 are useful for SEO.

Short answer. No, no and no. Read this article of Matt Cutts.