• In 2013 we saw the rise of Vine, reaching more than 40 million users by 2015
  • 2014 was the year for Facebook Video Autoplay
  • 2015 seems to be the year of Periscope

These are 3 clear indications that lead to an obvious conclusion: social networks will always need more videos.

Who knows what will happen in the near future. It may be that written posts will be a thing of the past and social streams will just be made with real-time streaming videos, video-blogs and maybe something like interactive holograms or 3D video experiences. It’s anybody’s guess but let us analyze an actual trend.

Smartphones and apps like Periscope are changing the rules and occasionally infringing copyright… but this is another story.

At the moment, videos are very important for social media networking and for this reason there is a huge ongoing war between Internet Companies to keep control of the “video-internet-world“. When Vine started to rise, Instagram introduced the possibility of make short videos as well.  Twitter bought Periscope after the promising launch of Meerkat (a similar App) and with the explosion of Periscope, Facebook announced that they will soon introduce a live video feature for VIP accounts. Google just separated Youtube from G+ because a great number of people don’t like having to create a G+ account for Youtube. Facebook has improved and simplified its video features so many people are uploading videos there, switching from Youtube Channels to Facebook Pages. The best G+ related feature after the death of Authorship is Google Hangout and its video conference facility.

In the middle of this clash of the Titans, marketing companies and businesses need to anticipate which way the wind is blowing to be sure they will be in the right place at the right time. The New Bible is: do videos, share videos.

Yes but… How?

What is the correct path?

  • Create a “handmade” video using Vine or Instagram?
  • Share what’s happening right now on Periscope?
  • Make something more “professional” for the Youtube Community that has higher standards?

Brands like Trident Gum and Dunkin Donuts are launching TV commercials made with Vine and many influencers and brands are placing their bets on Periscope with hundreds of “Youtube Stars” in every country of the world.

The answer may look complicated but it’s easier than you think: whatever you choose do, do it in the best way you can.

One of the major errors many marketing projects and small business make is trying to be everywhere online. They open accounts on every social network they can find but they don’t have the time, the skills or the personnel to manage all of that. With videos, things can become even more difficult as you can’t just share videos where you say “we are here” as many people do with social network posts.

  • So choose your own video-style.
  • Experiment with different approaches.
  • Learn how to you use every different tool.
  • Estimate the maximum potential.
  • Create short, mesmerizing, eye-catching videos with Vine or Instagram.
  • As your business grows, you will have many things to illustrate, so you can use Periscope.
  • You can shoot a short documentary and you can use Youtube.

The message is clear: Start small and grow big, but don’t try to use all of these tools together if you don’t have the expertise and the team that can handle the many things that need to be done.