If you are using Socialveo Hosted, you don’t have to create a custom configuration file. Socialveo Team does this for you and asks you for the minimum required information. After the installation was successful, you will find a several configuration files. Continue reading to learn where the configuration files live and which properties can be set.

You are able to add a custom configuration file to override Socialveo’s default behaviour. Socialveo’s configuration is managed by PhalconPHP Config. A custom configuration file must be a valid PHP array and must be located in the socialveo/config folder.

Inside socialveo/config you can find config-core.php which is Socialveo’s core configuration file which you can override by creating another file named config.php.

You can create also another file named config-local.php for your local environment.

Configuration options

Socialveo has a number of configuration options which you can add to change things about how Socialveo works.


'database'   =>  [

    'adapter' => 'Mysql',

    'host' => 'localhost',

    'username' => 'db-user',

    'password' => 'db-password',

    'dbname' => 'db-name',

    'charset' => 'utf8mb4'



'api' =>  [

    'communityName' => 'MyCommunityName',

    'offline'   => false, 

    'defaultLanguage' => 'en_US',

    'baseUri' => '/',

    'hostname' => "",

    'availableLanguages'   => [

        'en_US' => 'English (United States)',

        'es_ES' => 'Español (España)'




  • offline: if you want to put your community online / offline you can enable here


'mail' => [

    'enabled' => true,

    'driver' => 'smtp', 

    'from' => [

        'email' => '',

        'name' => 'MyCommunityName',


    'driver' => 'smtp', 

    'host' => 'smtp-host',

    'port' => 25,

    'username' => '',

    'password' => 'smtp-password',



  • driver: if you you don’t have an SMTP, you can change to mail this value for use php function mail()


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