Data Migration

Socialveo comes with a migration toolkit allowing you to migrate you complete data with a single command.

At the moment there is a ready to use task for Phpfox, but Socialveo allow you to create an additional provider. If you need help, please get in touch with us. We can prepare a migration script for your community for free if this is a popular used software, as other customer can benefit of this. In case you need to migrate from a custom software, we will be glad to assist you or do a complete migration for you, which is included in our Enterprise service.

Below example show how to use our ready to use migration task for PHPFox version 3.x.

To take advantage of Socialveo Migration – use Socialveo CLI:

1. Navigate to your Socialveo installation directory

2. Type the following command

$ php socialveo/console.php Phpfoxmigrate start -h:localhost -u:root -p:root -db:phpfox -port:3306 -pf:phpfox_ -su:

-h Source database hostname

-u Source database username

-pwd Source database password

-port Source database port

-pf Source database table prifix default value “phpfox_”

-su PHPFox live site url e.g


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