Database Table Columns

The following is an outline and description of the database tables created during the standard installation of Socialveo. The database structure and the diagram below were last updated in version 1.03.

At the moment the only database supported by Socialveo is MySQL version 5.6 or greater, or any version of MariaDB.

Because Socialveo interfaces with this database by itself, you as an end user, shouldn’t have to worry much about its structure. If you’re writing custom add-on however, you may be interested in learning how Socialveo stores its data and relationships. If you have already attempted to use the existing Socialveo API to access the data you need but have determined it’s not possible without accessing the database directly, Socialveo provides the Models class to make this task easy.

Table details

This section is the overview of all the tables created during the Socialveo standard installation, in alphabetical order. It is followed by specific information of what is in each table.

Browse database schema here:

Circles table

Comment table

Connection Circle table

Connection table

Google Geocode Cache table

Google Map Cache table

Index table

Invitation table

Karma Badge table

Karma table

Location Country table

Location Locality table

Location Region table

Location table

Log table

Media table

Messages Dialogs Users table

Messages Dialogs table

Messages table

Migration table

Networks Fields table

Network table

Notification table

oAuth Access Tokens table

oAuth Clients table

oAuth Refresh Tokens table

oAuth Scopes table

Password Recovery table

Payments Table table

Post table

Spam table

Static Pages table

Tag Associations table

Tag table

User Social Profiles table

User table

Web Event table

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