Package Based Architecture

Socialveo’s packaged-based architecture allows for a powerful release mechanism so that developers and package maintainers can make improvements without disturbing the rest of the application.

Extension Driven Design

Socialveo’s powerful extension system offers almost limitless potential for developers to create. Take advantage of our app design which follows a repository pattern that is both scalable and well-defined to build upon.

Powerful Theme System

Create the theme of your dreams. Feature-rich and designer friendly, Socialveo can be moulded into anything you imagine. Automatic asset compilation, unlimited theme areas, fallback support, theme inheritance, theme publishing, and a powerful asset queue system are just a few resources you can rely on.

Fast & Scalable

Socialveo is fast and scalable thanks to the implementation of a smart cache design. Enjoy the ability to handle a growing amount of work with Socialveo’s awesome ability to accommodate that growth.

Developer friendly

Socialveo stands on the shoulders of modern technologies such as PHP, PhalconPHP, Zephir, Bootstrap Framework, SASS, GulpJS, jQuery and ReactJS. Following the best software design patterns, Socialveo is committed to supporting other database engines such as MySQL, Percona Server, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQLite.

Mobile Apps

Socialveo is app-friendly. Expect the latest mobile app technology for smartphone and tablet, for most famous device such as iOS and Android. Awesome in design and easy-to-use mobile app to customize your community’s suite experience.

Responsive Web Design

Fully responsive website template allows end-users access to the web via any device such as smartphone, tablet and desktop. Stay connected.

Full Open System

Our platform allows end-users to connect via Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others social media platforms. Expect an easy import of data such as profiles and shared posts.

Powerful Tags System

Tag your favourite posts with hashtags, mentions your friends and easy extend with your own tag system. #socialveoHasItAll

Like Is Not Enough!

Socialveo goes beyond a simple “Like”. Express yourself through “Emotions” so that your friends and colleagues feel the connection rather than merely observe it. This feature is unlike any found in social media platforms.

Really Private Messages

Keep it private. Our messaging system uses state-of-the-art encryption so that the only person who can see messages is the sender. Create private, multi-user channels for buzz and exchange content to your heart’s desire.

Community Monetization

We know how much it can cost to maintain a social network. For this reason we release different built-in functionality for monetizing your community, for example with advertisements, paid membership, premium networks and more!

User Profiles

Stand out of the crowd with an easy-to-use profile manager. Keep it simple or make it complex; share the best of yourself through text, photo or video. Attract new friends and followers in the process.

Pages, Groups, Pets, etc.

Extend your community with Pages, Groups, Pet Profiles, Cars and much more! Only your imagination is the limit. Socialveo networks come with different access such as public, private and premium (paid).

Everywhere Notifications

Stay up-to-date with new private message, comments, emotions and much more with our powerful notifications system. Email, desktop, SMS and push notifications make it the most accessible application around.

Extendible Comments System

Comments are easy to make and share using hashtags, mentions and custom tags. Upload any media file like videos or photos in seconds. Your community wants to know what you’re thinking!

Share Any Files and Media

Share almost any media file to your heart’s content – including photos and videos! Allow others to share in your visions and dreams of the future. Socialveo is media-friendly and easy-to-use.

Unlimited Connections

Socialveo allow users to connect with other users or with other network profiles. Not only Friendship like Facebook, but also Following/Followers like Twitter, Circles like Google+ or extend with your own system. Again, only your imagination is the limit!

Smart Search System

The search engine in Socialveo ensure that your user’s search results are faster and more relevant than ever before. Speed through all networks and posts by hashtag, mentions or keywords search. Our autocomplete search box offers the best in an organized and efficient search for end-users.

Database Agnostic

Socialveo is database agnostic. Work your best with most famous database engine such as MySQL, Percona Server, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQLite.

SEO Friendly

Get indexed with SEO strategies that allow your community to get noticed. Find yourselves on the next Google, Bing and Yahoo! search.

Payment System Integration

Socialveo is PayPal and Stripe friendly. Enjoy our full payment processing library for PHP together with clear, consistent and fully unit tested API, which allows integration with other payment gateways that you may require.


Socialveo implements a complete multi language platform, so you can easy translate in any language you wish, and allow your users to change language. The system also auto detects user language and try loads the best match.


All of your content in just one page – no paging, just scroll down to see more! We’ve managed to combine lightning-fast loading times, smooth scrolling and a minimized hardware footprint.

Invite System

Invite your best friends and colleagues! Join community by emails, imported by email systems such as Google or Facebook. Our invite system makes it easy and friendly to use!

Moderation Tools

Moderate your community with care and tact. Our admin users can block any users should the occasion arise.

Private Video-cloud

Find your video-cloud horizon! Upload directly to YouTube or Vimeo. Get a powerful performance at the speed of a click.

Spam free

Get your Socialveo goodness by participating in our karma system which fights spammers who infiltrate your community. Only users with higher karma can implement certain actions and better yet, posts identified as spam will automatically get blocked!

Animated GIFs

Socialveo supports animated GIF images in both previews and detail pages. Regardless of image size, your GIF file will always be uploaded and handled properly, to be displayed in its full glory on pages or search results.

Migration script

We have master migration from other software to Socialveo. We have already prepared migration script so you can quickly migrate your data.

Content Network Delivery

Thanks to collaboration with KeyCDN your community are reachable from any part of world. Check more about KeyCDN. Works fine also with other CDN.

Can I Emoji? Yes!

Multiplatform support for Emoji icons.

Twilio API Integration

Integration of Twilio APIs for SMS: the future of business communications. Two-factor authentication service to strengthen traditional login. Read more about Twilio.

And more!

And much more features, chek our Socialveo demo.

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