Below are policy for third party developers. Everything added to our store is first reviewed by our team before it is approved. When a product is approved to our store we do periodic checks on the functionality of a product.


  • Products that crash will not be accepted.
  • Products with bugs that disrupts is functionality will be removed.
  • Products that do not perform as advertised by the developer will be removed.
  • Products that include undocumented or hidden features inconsistent with the description of the Products will be removed.
  • Products that store users passwords locally will be removed.
  • Products that are primarily marketing materials or advertisements will be removed.
  • Products that interfere with other products or our core product will be removed.
  • Products that hide our debug information will be removed.

Above are the guidelines products need to follow. We reserve the right to remove a product we see unfit to be part of our community.

Core Modification

Products that modify or alter our core products source code or guides clients on modifying our source code in order to install their product will not be accepted in our store.

Selling in Our Store

When you submit and publish your product you agree that Socialveo can place your product within its store based on the price you define. We do not take any legal responsibility or liability for your products and simply provide a venue for you to sell and distribute it to our clients.

Products cannot include links to other stores in order to purchase the same product. If you wish to sell your product on another site, that is fine, we simply do accept these links on our site.

Products that are copies of other developer’s work (piracy) will be removed and the developer will be removed from the developers program. We fully conform to DMCA and International copyright laws and take piracy of any nature seriously.

We do not allow our Socialveo name to be used for any other than our own company. Developers who use our Socialveo name as part of their company name will be removed from the developer program.

Getting Paid

Payments for products sold is done within 30 days of when it was sold. Payouts are done at the start of each month and is done directly to your PayPal or Bank account. Socialveo takes a distribution and operation fee. This includes payment gateway fees, which is provided to you.

Each changes to our distribution/operation fee must be made Socialveo agrees that it will announce it and wait 30 days before applying the new fee.

Refunds & Chargebacks

We do not accept refunds on purchases made within our Store, however at times clients may process a chargeback. If they should win the case we remove the rights for the client to use your product. If a chargeback/refund is processed we must deduct the funds from your account.

Policy Updates

We reserve the right to update our developers policy at anytime. When changes our made we update the time stamp of this policy.

Last Modified: January 27, 2015

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