Socialveo support covers questions related to what features we provide and how to enable or disable them. Socialveo support does not cover the alteration of the product in any way. Socialveo support does not cover performing upgrades to your site, but you may purchase an upgrade service for this. We do, however, cover questions regarding your own upgrading of your site should you experience trouble while upgrading it. If an issue is related to the hosting company our support techs will not get in touch with the support company in order to resolve the issue.

Ticket Responses

Our average response time is less than one hour but, depending on the nature of your request, it may take up to two business days for your issue to be addressed. Our technicians will work to keep you updated on your request’s progress.

You can always view your existing tickets to see the progress of your request or what department your ticket has been assigned to. After a ticket has existed for 48 hours, you may use the management escalation feature to tag your ticket for management review if the issue is not being resolved properly. Billing, customer service, and special requests will only be answered during normal business hours.

Socialveo cannot support modifications to the software. If a modification you have installed is causing issue, our only solution will be to revert back to unmodified files.

In some circumstances server-level issues will impact our software’s ability to execute properly. Socialveo cannot make adjustments to your server hosting environment to bring it within the normal environment most hosting providers use.

Our staff will often need access to your community admin area or server file system to diagnose a support issue. If you cannot or will not provide such access: support will be limited or unavailable.

Socialveo technicians use web-standard methods such as FTP, SSH, and SCP to access servers when we may need to diagnose. We may not be able to use other methods for access.

Our technical support is designed to assist you with the built-in functionality of our software or to address problems running our software in a normal manner in a hosting environment that is the norm for the majority of web hosting providers. Special services (conversions, server transfers, database management, etc.), customizations (both code and design), and sever-level assistance are outside the scope of support.

Product Errors (Bugs)

Socialveo support does not cover fixing any bugs in our products. This is handled by our developers. If an agent finds that the problems you are having are related to a bug, the agent will submit a bug report and provide you with the link to follow up on said bug report.

Bug reports can be submitted direct to our developers by visiting our issue tracker.

Understanding types of issues

An issue is typically one of the following:

  • Bugs – when a feature of the project has been identified as broken
  • Feature requests – when you ask for a new feature to be added to a project
  • Personal support requests – when you are having trouble setting up a working instance of the project

Isolate the issue

  • Identify the conditions for the issue. When and how does it occur?
  • Remove the resource from the project – does the issue still occur?
  • Recreate the issue in an isolated example. Try creating a simplified version of your page where it only deals with re-creating the issue

The first and single most import thing for you to do when filing an issue is concentrate on isolating a demonstrable problem. The goal here is to be able to provide the most mind numbingly simple and easy to reproduce problem as possible.

Provide a live URL

A live URL is required. An isolated example is ideal. Otherwise, if you have a live site, add the link. Without seeing it in the browser, we don’t have a good idea of what you’re trying to achieve. Pasting code does not help as much as a live URL. Describing a dev problem is like showing a picture of your car to a mechanic. If you want us to fix it, we need to put our own hands on it.

Last Modified: January 25, 2015

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