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Hassle-free community hosting in our cloud that scales up with your project – perfect for most communities.

We’re experts at managing hosting thanks to our collaboration with an experienced hosting provider that understands websites and web applications. Our hosting team provide a range of services to help startups to large businesses to get the most from Socialveo’s products. From server setup, through to optimization, installation and testing, and covering training and post-launch consultation, our services scale with your project, and help you meet your business aims.
Our biggest priority is to avoid hurting your baseline. Our software is lightning fast and has very fast SSD I/O and boots up in 30 seconds. Why not try it for yourself.

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Our hosting services that monitor constantly the entire community performance, issue and security.

  • Outstanding SLA: 99.95% guaranteed availability and 24/7 operations
  • Managed & monitored server and community
  • No software to install: plans that scale with you
  • Integrated support: our team is just a click away.
  • Upgrade/downgrade easily
  • No contracts, no setup fees
  • No cost to use your own domain
  • Seamless for users
  • SSD cloud servers: full SSD for unbeatable performance
  • Modular build without constraint
  • Pay what you use billed by the minute
  • Protected by swiss privacy law
  • Fully scalable
  • Daily backups
  • And more!
A Secure cloud platform protected by Swiss privacy

The Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (‘DPA’) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance (‘DPO’) apply data protection laws and regulations to individuals but also to legal entities. Our services are strictly located in Switzerland, and are exclusively operated from there, which means we are not governed by the USA Patriot Act. We aim to be the most secure cloud platform for privacy sensitive applications.

Super-fast cloud servers to power your project

Our IaaS is Built by DevOps for DevOps. At the heart of the Socialveo infrastructure lies our best-in-class cloud controller service based on Apache Cloudstack. Our fine-tuned SSD powered hypervisors provide you with screaming-fast servers. And no over-provisioning of memory or disk means that you can enjoy guaranteed low-latency I/O.

Daily Backups

Backups provide a way to get point-in-time recovery for your server. Later on, restore it as it was in that precise moment in time. In a typical usage example you would backup your server before applying customization. Once the customization is finished, if your tests are not satisfactory or an eventual incompatibility is introduced, you can restore the previous working state.

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