Version 1.1

  • Anonymous interaction: users should be able to interact with website anonymously. This should be an option, so webmaster can enable or disable this feature for end-users. Below are FURs:
  • Allow users to publish a post anonymously
  • Allow users to comment a post anonymously
  • WordPress integration: integration of Socialveo with WordPress is good since every social network have also an official blog. Instead of create a blog from scratch (like phpfox do), I suggest to integrate WordPress. WP allow also add a shop, so we can also allow our community to have an official shop.
    • Integration of users login
    • More features to be discussed like e-commerce plugin for WP, sync of posts, multi blog system which allow each user to create a custom blog, …?
  • RSS like on facebook you can import RSS feed into your wall. The features need to be discussed
  • Advertisment system more advanced where each user can create ads, like on facebook select where ads should appear and create campaign. This need to be discussed.
  • Better karma system: improve karma system algorithm. Right now all users have the same weight. I would like to add a “level” for each users. This mean that when a user reach for example 1000 karma point he have “Level XYZ”, he reach 2000 karma points have “Level XYZ 2”, and so… Then for example when users reach top level “Level Nirvana” then he can’t be anymore reported as spam, there is not any check if he is spammer. In this way the report as spam is go to be applied only for newer users (or users with lower karma). Also if a users with higher karma report a post as spammer, he have more weight than a users with lower karma. We could think about more how to improve this mechanism. We need to create some sort of Socialveo Universe Rule with this karma system. Not only for quickly and automatically fight spammers but also for make user become competitive in the community to reach certain levels. We need to be much more flexible as we can here, so each site can create own “rules”. We will discuss more about and I will add more ideas in next days.
  • Real-time: real-time loading of post, comment, … We need to discuss which service use like pusher.com
  • Automatic update via admin panel
  • Better notifications system: more detail coming…
  • User actions track: save pages visited by users and save track of actions
  • Multi accounts: users can add other account which they own and easy switch between accounts
  • Check-in: share a location where you are
  • Import / Export Data (for admin and for users)
  • get.digits.com Login without password

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