Socialveo Community in the Cloud

Community in the Cloud

Hassle-free community hosting in our cloud that scales up with your project – perfect for most communities. Our hosting services monitor constantly the entire community performance, issue and security. We’re experts at managing hosting thanks to our collaboration with an experienced hosting provider that understands websites and web applications. Our hosting team provide a range of services to help startups to large businesses to get the most from Socialveo’s products. From server setup, through to optimization, installation and testing, and covering training and post-launch consultation, our services scale with your project, and help you meet your business aims.
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Self-hosted Licensing

Create a social network on your own server. Designed for communities with the technical know-how to self-manage on their own infrastructure. Start host it yourself!
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Socialveo Self-hosted Licensing
Socialveo iOS App

Enterprise Services Our Customers Are King!

Our Enterprise Service guide you through the entire project lifecycle: from project inception, through to planning, build and deployment, and post-launch consultation, our services scale with your project. Our dedicated Enterprise team is your point of contact for services and support, whether you need advice, help or training, we are here to assist you seven days a week. We take care of all technical aspects of launching and maintaining your community – no need for your own IT team! Our Enterprise Services team are perfect for you! Our Enterprise services include: Consultation, Brand Integration, Logo Design, Install & Upgrade Service, Single Sign-On, Training, Custom Licensing, Creative Design, Fanatical Support, Performance-Based SEO Service, Data Migration from other platforms and more!
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Start your own social network today! We're experts at launching powerful social networks and we would love to make one for your community