Android App

$149.00 / year and a $149.00 sign-up fee

Your app will work equally great for Android users as well, via smartphones and tablets device. Bring your peers closer than ever by simply giving them the chance to find you anytime, from anywhere, via specially designed Android App!

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The future is here; whether they are avid Apple lovers or Android users, your community’s members will find no difficulty reaching you!

How it works?

  1. Place the order
  2. Provide us information such as community name, logo, skin color, etc.
  3. Relax while we do your homework
  4. We delivery to you the app ready to be submitted to Google Play

How do we communicate?

Via Skype is preferable for a quick response, but also you may get in touch via email.

Did I need a developer account with Google?

If you want add the app on your account you need to create an account with Google (one time fee of 25$). Or you can use our developer account for free.

Did I receive source code?

At the moment we don’t release source code of mobile apps.


Other questions?

We’re always available at or via contact form.


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