Behind The Scenes

We have a Great Team here at Socialveo

Our staff are dedicated and keen to deliver the very best product and service possible and look forward to developing a strong bond between Socialveo and client. We consider and act on any justifiable feedback and suggestions from our clients that will make Socialveo and our service even better. As a client, any questions, suggestions and ideas you have can be aired on our forum. By being a part of Socialveo, you get to talk to the technical people on our team who will help with any concerns or problems you may have.

Damir Grgic

Founder & CEO

Damir is a passionate entrepreneur who loves solving today's social networking problems and has done so for as long as he can remember. It stems from the very first time he was tasked with introducing a better file sharing system for SG Private Banking of Lugano; a task which contributed to his early interest in software analysis and implementation. Since that time, he has spent 10 years designing and developing web sites, for several software company, and as a freelance developer. Being a workaholic, he has honed his skills, becoming a highly respected freelancer with more than 1,000 unique customers using his services. It was this tireless dedication that led him to found Socialveo with an amazing team that not only believes in his vision, but provides comprehensive support to Socialveo as well as adding significant value to each project they're tasked with creating.

Marco Martinenghi


Marco is a creative entrepreneur, full of knowledge and skills in several sectors. In 2006 he started his professional career at LA TLM srl as a CAD designer. Today he still plays an important role in the company’s production process. Marco offers not just his own experience as a business owner, but multiple years of experience in a variety of important fields, including marketing strategies and SEO knowledge, design and web development. Several Italian newspapers call him a digital native with a brilliant mind.

Andrey Izman

Senior Full Stack Developer

A quick learner with a passion for learning new programming languages, tools and technologies, Andrey enjoys creating ways for people to reduce their workloads and tasking with versatile scripts that make day-to-day life more efficient. Boasting a meticulous attention to detail, if he has to do something twice he's always looking to create a script that does it for him the next time. He dreams of one day creating a program that writes other programs!

Nicholas Izmailov

Senior Backend Developer

Always challenging himself to maintain the right balance of quality and speed, Nicholas uses innovative strategies to reduce high loads and optimize work efficiency. When not studying a new language, you'll find him writing sites from scratch, completely free of CMS. Experienced in Yii, PhalconPHP, MongoDB and MsSQL (Percona), Nicholas prefers Redis and Memchached for caching. A truly versatile network engineer, he can manage Debian and Ubuntu servers while establishing complete site work for websites or Android mobile applications. His experience extends even further, including: PHPUnit, Selenium, PHPStorm, IntelliJ IDEA, use GIT (GitHub, bit bucket), Zend OPcache and PHP5 (PSR-2).

Alek Chmura

Chief Designer

Alek knows firsthand how valuable key marketing, branding and advertising can be to long-term success. The Socialveo Chief Designer offers not just his own experience as a business owner, but more than 11 years of experience in a variety of important fields, including branding, web design, UI/UX, and packaging and print design. An introvert with a hilarious sense of humour, Alek is passionate about making a difference while having a good time.

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